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How to work with your website designer or developer: soapbox

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your website designer or developer? Or are they beneath your radar? I’ve lost count of the times site owners have expressed horror at the thought of engaging with

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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Website

In an earlier post How to Improve Your Website on a Budget I mention PDS. That’s ‘Painter and Decorator Syndrome’, meaning that your own site is often last in the queue for work. As mine is. I’m

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Editorial Scrutiny of Lord Feldman’s Letter

On the surface, Lord Feldman’s email letter of 3 March, on the future of the Conservative Party, seemed an ideal example to test George Orwell’s six rules of writing, as expressed in his essay Politics and the

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Website Editing – Before You Go Live

So, you’ve researched your audience and competitors, written your web content following Nielsen’s guidelines, and tested your pages for readability. Ready to publish? Not yet

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6 Ways to Improve How You Write for the Web

This article gives hands-on tips on how to write for the web. It distills the work of web usability guru Jakob Nielsen, featured in my earlier post. Just to recap, Nielsen’s ‘eyetracking’ studies revealed that

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On Jakob Nielsen, the Guru of Web Usability

1 October 1997 was momentous in website history. It was the day usability guru Jakob Nielsen conducted the world’s first ‘eyetracking’ study of how users read on the web. (Eyetracking studies had been used before,

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